Abbas Alloul

voluntary member of staff/employee


  • Water cycling for regenerative life support systems : MELiSSA's development of an integrated biophysicochemical approach (2018) Siegfried Vlaeminck (UGent), Ralph Lindeboom (UGent), Jolien De Paepe (UGent), Dries Demeyere (UGent), Marjolein Vanoppen (UGent), Alonso Farinas, Wout Coessens (UGent), Marlies Christiaens (UGent), Chiara Ilgrande (UGent), Kim De Paepe (UGent), Benedikt Sas (UGent), Abbas Alloul (UGent), Chris Dotremont, Herman Beckers, P Magnes, J-C Lasserre, Ilse Coninx, Olivier Van Hoey (UGent), Julia Morozova, V Ilyin, Natalie Leys (UGent), Arne Verliefde (UGent), F Godia, C Paille, C Lasseur, B Lamaze, Peter Clauwaert (UGent)

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