Arjen van der Wel

09 264 45 18
tenured academic staff
Statistics and Data Processing


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Krijgslaan 281, S9
9000 Gent
09 264 45 18
Phone Secretariat
09 264 65 28


  • The star formation rate-radius connection : data and implications for wind strength and halo concentration (2020) Lin Lin, S. M. Faber, David C. Koo, Samir Salim, Aaron A. Dutton, Jerome J. Fang, Fangzhou Jiang, Christoph T. Lee, Aldo Rodríguez-Puebla, Arjen van der Wel (UGent), Yicheng Guo, Guillermo Barro, Joel R. Primack, Avishai Dekel, Zhu Chen, Yifei Luo, Viraj Pandya, Rachel S. Somerville, Henry C. Ferguson, Susan Kassin, Anton M. Koekemoer, Norman A. Grogin, Audrey Galametz, P. Santini, Hooshang Nayyeri, Mauro Stefanon, Tomas Dahlen, Bahram Mobasher, Lei Hao
  • Inverse stellar population age gradients of post-starburst galaxies at z=0.8 with LEGA-C (2020) Francesco D'Eugenio (UGent), Arjen van der Wel (UGent), Po-Feng Wu, Tania M. Barone, Josha van Houdt, Rachel Bezanson, Caroline Straatman (UGent), Camilla Pacifici, Adam Muzzin, Anna Gallazzi, Vivienne Wild, David Sobral, Eric F. Bell, Stefano Zibetti, Lamiya Mowla, Marijn Franx
  • Quenching as a contest between galaxy halos and their central black holes (2020) Zhu Chen, S. M. Faber, David C. Koo, Rachel S. Somerville, Joel R. Primack, Avishai Dekel, Aldo Rodríguez-Puebla, Yicheng Guo, Guillermo Barro, Dale D. Kocevski, Arjen van der Wel (UGent), Joanna Woo, Eric F. Bell, Jerome J. Fang, Henry C. Ferguson, Mauro Giavalisco, Marc Huertas-Company, Fangzhou Jiang, Susan Kassin, Lin Lin, F. S. Liu, Yifei Luo, Zhijian Luo, Camilla Pacifici, Viraj Pandya, Samir Salim, Chenggang Shu, Sandro Tacchella, Bryan A. Terrazas, Hassen M. Yesuf

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