Eva Hulstaert

09 332 13 58
scientific staff FWO
doctoral student


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Biomolecular Medicine

C. Heymanslaan 10, ingang 36 - gelijkvloers
9000 Gent
Work Place
gelijkvloerse verdieping lokaal 012
09 332 13 58


  • Charting extracellular transcriptomes in the human biofluid RNA atlas (2020) Eva Hulstaert (UGent), Annelien Morlion (UGent), Francisco Avila Cobos (UGent), Kimberly Verniers (UGent), Justine Nuytens (UGent), Eveline Vanden Eynde (UGent), Nurten Yigit (UGent), Jasper Anckaert (UGent), Anja Geerts (UGent), Pieter Hindryckx (UGent), Peggy Jacques (UGent), Guy Brusselle (UGent), Ken Bracke (UGent), Tania Maes (UGent), Thomas Malfait (UGent), Thierry Derveaux (UGent), Virginie Ninclaus (UGent), Caroline Van Cauwenbergh (UGent), Kristien Roelens (UGent), Ellen Roets (UGent), Dimitri Hemelsoet (UGent), Kelly Tilleman (UGent), Lieve Brochez (UGent), Scott Kuersten, Lukas Simon, Sebastian Karg, Alexandra Kautzky-Willers, Michael Leutner, Christa Nöhammer, Ondrej Slaby, Romeo Willinge Prins, Jan Koster, Steve Lefever (UGent), Gary Schroth, Jo Vandesompele (UGent), Pieter Mestdagh (UGent)
  • Performance assessment of total RNA sequencing of human biofluids and extracellular vesicles (2020) Celine Everaert (UGent), Hetty Helsmoortel (UGent), Anneleen Decock (UGent), Eva Hulstaert (UGent), Ruben Van Paemel (UGent), Kimberly Verniers (UGent), Justine Nuytens (UGent), Jasper Anckaert (UGent), Nele Nijs, Joeri Tulkens (UGent), Bert Dhondt (UGent), An Hendrix (UGent), Pieter Mestdagh (UGent), Jo Vandesompele (UGent)
  • Substantial performance differences among RNA purification kits and blood collection tubes in the Extracellular RNA Quality Control study-important considerations for liquid biopsies (2020) Anneleen Decock (UGent), Jasper Anckaert (UGent), Celine Everaert (UGent), Justine Nuytens (UGent), Scott Kuersten, An Hendrix (UGent), Jo Vandesompele (UGent), Pieter Mestdagh (UGent), Bert Dhondt (UGent), Ruben Van Paemel (UGent), Kimberly Verniers (UGent), Gary Schroth, Carolina Fierro, Nurten Yigit (UGent), Kathleen Schoofs (UGent), Annelien Morlion (UGent), Jill Deleu (UGent), Eva Hulstaert (UGent), Francisco Avila Cobos (UGent), Nele Nijs, Eveline Vanden Eynde (UGent), Hetty Helsmoortel (UGent), Olivier De Wever (UGent), Annouck Philippron (UGent)

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