Giel Vandierendonck

PhD scholarship recipient
doctoral student


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Proeftuinstraat 86
9000 Gent
Phone Secretariat
09 264 65 28


  • Development of a quality assurance process for the SoLid experiment (2019) Y Abreu, Y Amhis, G Ban, W Beaumont, S Binet, M Bongrand, D Boursette, BC Castle, H Chanal, K Clark, B Coupe, P Crochet, D Cussans, A De Roeck, D Durand, M Fallot, L Ghys, L Giot, K Graves, B Guillon, D Henaff, B Hosseini, S Ihantola, S Jenzer, S Kalcheva, LN Kalousis, Mathieu Labare (UGent), G Lehaut, S Manley, L Manzanillas, J Mermans, Ianthe Michiels (UGent), S Monteil, Céline Moortgat (UGent), D Newbold, J Park, V Pestel, K Petridis, I Pinera, L Popescu, Dirk Ryckbosch (UGent), N Ryder, D Saunders, M-H Schune, M Settimo, L Simard, A Vacheret, Giel Vandierendonck (UGent), S Van Dyck, P Van Mulders, N Van Remortel, S Vercaemer, M Verstraeten, B Viaud, A Weber, F Yermia
  • Commissioning and operation of the readout system for the SoLid neutrino detector (2019) Y. Abreu, Y. Amhis, G. Ban, W. Beaumont, S. Binet, M. Bongrand, D. Boursette, B. C. Castle, H. Chanal, K. Clark, B. Coupe, P. Crochet, D. Cussans, A. De Roeck, D. Durand, M. Fallot, L. Ghys, L. Giot, K. Graves, B. Guillon, D. Henaff, B. Hosseini, S. Ihantola, S. Jenzer, S. Kalcheva, L. N. Kalousis, Mathieu Labare (UGent), G. Lehaut, S. Manley, L. Manzanillas, J. Mermans, Ianthe Michiels (UGent), S. Monteil, Céline Moortgat (UGent), D. Newbold, J. Park, V Pestel, K. Petridis, I Pinera, L. Popescu, Dirk Ryckbosch (UGent), N. Ryder, D. Saunders, M-H Schune, M. Settimo, L. Simard, A. Vacheret, Giel Vandierendonck (UGent), S. Van Dyck, P. Van Mulders, N. van Remortel, S. Vercaemer, M. Verstraeten, B. Viaud, A. Weber, F. Yermia
  • Commissioning the SoLid Detector Using Cosmic Ray Muons (2019) Giel Vandierendonck (UGent)

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