Thomas Vanneste

PhD scholarship recipient


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Department of Environment

Geraardsbergsesteenweg 267
9090 Melle
Phone Secretariat
09 264 60 53


  • Edge influence on understorey plant communities depends on forest management (2020) Sanne Govaert (UGent), Camille Meeussen (UGent), Thomas Vanneste (UGent), Kurt Bollmann, Jörg Brunet, Sara AO Cousins, Martin Diekmann, Bente J Graae, Per‐Ola Hedwall, Thilo Heinken, Giovanni Iacopetti, Jonathan Lenoir, Sigrid Lindmo, Anna Orczewska, Michael Perring (UGent), Quentin Ponette, Jan Plue, Federico Selvi, Fabien Spicher, Matteo Tolosano (UGent), Pieter Vermeir (UGent), Florian Zellweger, Kris Verheyen (UGent), Pieter Vangansbeke (UGent), Pieter De Frenne (UGent)
  • Functional trait variation of forest understorey plant communities across Europe (2019) Thomas Vanneste (UGent), Alicia Valdés, Kris Verheyen (UGent), Michael Perring (UGent), Markus Bernhardt-Römermann, Emilie Andrieu, Jörg Brunet, Sara AO Cousins, Marc Deconchat, Pallieter De Smedt (UGent), Martin Diekmann, Steffen Ehrmann, Thilo Heinken, Martin Hermy (UGent), Annette Kolb, Jonathan Lenoir, Jaan Liira, Tobias Naaf, Taavi Paal, Monika Wulf, Guillaume Decocq, Pieter De Frenne (UGent)
  • Atmospheric nitrogen deposition on petals enhances seed quality of the forest herb Anemone nemorosa (2018) Pieter De Frenne (UGent), Haben Blondeel (UGent), Jörg Brunet, Maria Mercedes Caron, Olivier Chabrerie, Mathias Cougnon (UGent), Sara A.O. Cousins, Guillaume Decocq, Martin Diekmann, Bente J. Graae, Mick E. Hanley, Thilo Heinken, Martin Hermy (UGent), Annette Kolb, Jonathan Lenoir, Jaan Liira, Anna Orczewska, Anna Shevtsova, Thomas Vanneste (UGent), Kris Verheyen (UGent)

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