Hanna-Kaisa Vikkula

administrative and technical staff


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biomedical molecular biology

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 71
9052 Zwijnaarde
Phone Secretariat
09 331 36 00


  • Physical and functional interaction between A20 and ATG16L1-WD40 domain in the control of intestinal homeostasis (2019) Karolina Slowicka (UGent), Inmaculada Serramito-Gómez, Emilio Boada-Romero, Arne Martens (UGent), Mozes Sze (UGent), Ioanna Petta (UGent), Hanna-Kaisa Vikkula (UGent), Riet De Rycke (UGent), Eef Parthoens (UGent), Saskia Lippens (UGent), Savvas Savvides (UGent), Andy Wullaert (UGent), Lars Vereecke (UGent), Felipe X Pimentel-Muiños, Geert van Loo (UGent)
  • Epithelial HMGB1 Delays Skin Wound Healing and Drives Tumor Initiation by Priming Neutrophils for NET Formation (2019) Esther Hoste (UGent), Christian Maueröder (UGent), Lisette Van Hove (UGent), Leen Catrysse (UGent), Hanna-Kaisa Vikkula (UGent), Mozes Sze (UGent), Bastiaan Maes (UGent), Dyah Karjosukarso, Liesbet Martens (UGent), Amanda Gonçalves (UGent), Eef Parthoens (UGent), Ria Roelandt (UGent), Wim Declercq (UGent), Ignacia Fuentes, Francis Palisson, Sergio Gonzalez, Julio C. Salas-Alanis, Louis Boon, Peter Huebener, Klaas Willem Mulder, Kodi Ravichandran (UGent), Yvan Saeys (UGent), Robert Felix Schwabe, Geert van Loo (UGent)
  • A20 critically controls microglia activation and inhibits inflammasome-dependent neuroinflammation (2018) Sofie Voet (UGent), Conor Mc Guire (UGent), Nora Hagemeyer, Arne Martens (UGent), Anna Schroeder, Peter Wieghofer, Carmen Daems, Ori Staszewski, Lieselotte Vande Walle (UGent), Marta Joana Costa Jordao, Mozes Sze (UGent), Hanna-Kaisa Vikkula (UGent), Delphine Demeestere (UGent), Griet Van Imschoot (UGent), Charlotte Scott (UGent), Esther Hoste (UGent), Amanda Gonçalves (UGent), Martin Guilliams (UGent), Saskia Lippens (UGent), Claude Libert (UGent), Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke (UGent), Ki-Wook Kim, Steffen Jung, Zsuzsanna Callaerts-Vegh, Patrick Callaerts, Joris de Wit, Mohamed Lamkanfi (UGent), Marco Prinz, Geert van Loo (UGent)

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