Klaas Yperman

scientific staff VIB
doctoral student


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 71
9052 Zwijnaarde
Phone Secretariat
09 264 51 19


  • Disruption of endocytosis through chemical inhibition of clathrin heavy chain function (2019) Wim Dejonghe (UGent), Isha Sharma (UGent), Bram Denoo (UGent), Steven De Munck (UGent), Qing Lu (UGent), Kiril Mishev (UGent), Haydar Bulut, Evelien Mylle (UGent), Riet De Rycke (UGent), Mina Vasileva, Daniel Savatin (UGent), Wim Nerinckx (UGent), An Staes (UGent), Andrzej Drozdzecki (UGent), Dominique Audenaert (UGent), Klaas Yperman (UGent), Annemieke Madder (UGent), Jiří Friml, Daniël Van Damme (UGent), Kris Gevaert (UGent), Volker Haucke, Savvas Savvides (UGent), Johan Winne (UGent), Eugenia Russinova (UGent)
  • Plant AtEH/Pan1 proteins drive autophagosome formation at ER-PM contact sites with actin and endocytic machinery (2019) Pengwei Wang, Roman Pleskot (UGent), Jingze Zang, Joanna Winkler (UGent), Jie Wang (UGent), Klaas Yperman (UGent), Tong Zhang, Kun Wang, Jinli Gong, Yajie Guan, Christine Richardson, Patrick Duckney, Michaël Vandorpe (UGent), Evelien Mylle (UGent), Jindriska Fiserova, Daniël Van Damme (UGent), Patrick J Hussey

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