Ianthe Michiels

assisting academic staff
doctoral student


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physics and astronomy

Proeftuinstraat 86
9000 Gent
Phone Secretariat
09 264 65 28


  • A novel segmented-scintillator antineutrino detector (2017) Y Abreu, Y Amhis, L Arnold, G Ban, W Beaumont, M Bongrand, D Boursette, JM Buhour, BC Castle, K Clark, B Coupe, AS Cucoanes, D Cussans, A De Roeck, J D'Hondt, D Durand, M Fallot, S Fresneau, L Ghys, L Giot, B Guillon, G Guilloux, S Ihantola, X Janssen, S Kalcheva, LN Kalousis, E Koonen, Mathieu Labare (UGent), G Lehaut, J Mermans, Ianthe Michiels (UGent), Céline Moortgat (UGent), D Newbold, J Park, K Petridis, I Piñera, G Pommery, L Popescu, G Pronost, J Rademacker, A Reynolds, Dirk Ryckbosch (UGent), N Ryder, D Saunders, YuA Shitov, M-H Schune, PR Scovell, L Simard, A Vacheret, S Van Dyck, P Van Mulders, N van Remortel, S Vercaemer, A Waldron, A Weber, F Yermia

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