Bartosz Wiernicki

scientific staff
doctoral student


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biomedical molecular biology

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 71
9052 Zwijnaarde
Phone Secretariat
09 331 36 00


  • Nano-targeted induction of dual ferroptotic mechanisms eradicates high-risk neuroblastoma (2018) Behrouz Hassannia (UGent), Bartosz Wiernicki (UGent), Irina Ingold, Feng Qu, Simon Van Herck (UGent), Yulia Y. Tyurina, Hülya Bayır, Behnaz A. Abhari, Jose Pedro Friedmann Angeli, Sze Men Choi (UGent), Eline Meul (UGent), Karen Heyninck (UGent), Ken Declerck, Chandra Sekhar Chirumamilla, Maija Lahtela-Kakkonen, Guy Van Camp, Dmitri Krysko (UGent), Paul G. Ekert, Simone Fulda, Bruno De Geest (UGent), Marcus Conrad, Valerian Kagan, Wim Vanden Berghe (UGent), Peter Vandenabeele (UGent), Tom Vanden Berghe (UGent)
  • Ionizing radiation-induced cell death (2017) Sandy Adjemian Catani (UGent), Katrien Vandecasteele (UGent), Sofie Martens (UGent), Bartosz Wiernicki (UGent), Tania Love Aaes (UGent), Dmitri Krysko (UGent), Peter Vandenabeele (UGent)
  • A real-time fluorometric method for the simultaneous detection of cell death type and rate (2016) Sasker Grootjans (UGent), Behrouz Hassannia (UGent), Iris Delrue (UGent), Vera Goossens (UGent), Bartosz Wiernicki (UGent), Yves Dondelinger (UGent), Mathieu Bertrand (UGent), Dmitri Krysko (UGent), Marnik Vuylsteke (UGent), Peter Vandenabeele (UGent), Tom Vanden Berghe (UGent)

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