Muguet Koobasi

046 712 38 90
voluntary member of staff/employee


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

C. Heymanslaan 10, ingang 17 - gelijkvloers
9000 Gent
046 712 38 90


  • Clinical practice guideline on peri- and postoperative care of arteriovenous fistulas and grafts for haemodialysis in adults. (2019) M Gallieni, M Hollenbeck, N Inston, M Kumwenda, S Powell, J Tordoir, J Al Shakarchi, P Berger, D Bolignano, D Cassidy, TY Chan, A Dhondt, C Drechsler, T Ecder, P Finocchiaro, M Haller, J Hanko, S Heye, J Ibeas, T Jemcov, S Kershaw, A Khawaja, L Labriola, C Lomonte, M Malovrh, I Marti, A Monros, S Matthew, D McGrogan, T Meyer, S Mikros, I Nistor, N Plancken, R Roca-Tey, R Ross, M Troxler, S van der Veer, Raymond Vanholder (UGent), Frank Vermassen (UGent), G Welander, T Wilmink, Muguet Koobasi (UGent), J Fox, Wim Van Biesen (UGent), Evi Nagler (UGent)

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