Wouter Van Loocke

scientific staff


  • Genetic characterization and therapeutic targeting of MYC-rearranged T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (2019) Gloria Milani (UGent), Filip Matthijssens (UGent), Wouter Van Loocke (UGent), Kaat Durinck (UGent), Juliette Roels (UGent), Sofie Peirs (UGent), Morgan Thénoz (UGent), Tim Pieters (UGent), Lindy Reunes (UGent), Béatrice Lintermans (UGent), Niels Vandamme (UGent), Tim Lammens (UGent), Nadine Van Roy (UGent), Filip Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent), Dieter Deforce (UGent), Claire Schwab, Susana Raimondi, Luciano Dalla Pozza, Andrew J Carroll, Barbara De Moerloose (UGent), Yves Benoit (UGent), Steven Goossens (UGent), Geert Berx (UGent), Christine J Harrison, Giuseppe Basso, Hélène Cavé, Rosemary Sutton, Vahid Asnafi, Jules Meijerink, Charles Mullighan, Mignon Loh, Pieter Van Vlierberghe (UGent)
  • Purification of high-quality RNA from a small number of fluorescence activated cell sorted zebrafish cells for RNA sequencing purposes (2019) Siebe Loontiens (UGent), Lisa Depestel (UGent), Suzanne Vanhauwaert (UGent), Givani Dewyn (UGent), Charlotte Gistelinck (UGent), Karen Verboom (UGent), Wouter Van Loocke (UGent), Filip Matthijssens (UGent), Andy Willaert (UGent), Jo Vandesompele (UGent), Franki Speleman (UGent), Kaat Durinck (UGent)
  • Deletion 6q drives T-cell leukemia progression by ribosome modulation (2018) Stéphanie Gachet, Tiama El-Chaar, David Avran, Eulalia Genesca, Frédéric Catez, Samuel Quentin, Marc Delord, Gabriel Thérizols, Delphine Briot, Godelieve Meunier, Lucie Hernandez, Marika Pla, Willem K Smits, Jessica G Buijs-Gladdines, Wouter Van Loocke (UGent), Gerben Menschaert (UGent), Isabelle André-Schmutz, Tom Taghon (UGent), Pieter Van Vlierberghe (UGent), Jules P Meijerink, André Baruchel, Hervé Dombret, Emmanuelle Clappier, Jean-Jacques Diaz, Claude Gazin, Hugues de Thé, François Sigaux, Jean Soulier

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