Tom De Mil

voluntary post-doctoral researcher


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Department of Environment

Coupure Links 653, geb. B
9000 Gent
Phone Secretariat
09 264 60 53


  • The persistence of carbon in the African forest understory (2019) Wannes Hubau (UGent), Tom De Mil (UGent), Jan Van den Bulcke (UGent), Oliver L Phillips, Bhély Angoboy Ilondea, Joris Van Acker (UGent), Martin JP Sullivan, Laurent Nsenga, Benjamin Toirambe, Camille Couralet, Lindsay F Banin, Serge K Begne, Timothy R Baker, Nils Bourland, Eric Chezeaux, Connie J Clark, Murray Collins, James A Comiskey, Aida Cuni-Sanchez, Victor Deklerck (UGent), Sofie Dierickx, Jean-Louis Doucet, Corneille EN Ewango, Ted R Feldpausch, Martin Gilpin, Christelle Gonmadje, Jefferson S Hall, David J Harris, Olivier J Hardy, Marie-Noel D Kamdem, Emmanuel Kasongo Yakusu, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Jean-Remy Makana, Yadvinder Malhi, Faustin M Mbayu, Sam Moore, Jacques Mukinzi, Georgia Pickavance, John R Poulsen, Jan Reitsma, Mélissa Rousseau, Bonaventure Sonké, Terry Sunderland, Hermann Taedoumg, Joey Talbot, John Tshibamba Mukendi, Peter M Umunay, Jason Vleminckx, Lee JT White, Lise Zemagho, Simon L Lewis, Hans Beeckman
  • Wood density profiles and their corresponding tissue fractions in tropical angiosperm trees (2018) Tom De Mil (UGent), Yegor Tarelkin (UGent), Stephan Hahn, Wannes Hubau (UGent), Victor Deklerck (UGent), Olivier Debeir, Joris Van Acker (UGent), Charles de Cannière, Hans Beeckman, Jan Van den Bulcke (UGent)
  • Climate driven trends in tree biomass increment show asynchronous dependence on tree-ring width and wood density variation (2018) Astrid Vannoppen, Pascal Boeckx (UGent), Tom De Mil (UGent), Vincent Kint, Quentin Ponette, Jan Van den Bulcke (UGent), Kris Verheyen (UGent), Bart Muys

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