Sébastien Viaene

09 264 47 64
scientific staff FWO
Observational Techniques in Astronomy


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physics and astronomy

Krijgslaan 281, S9
9000 Gent
09 264 47 64
Phone Secretariat
09 264 65 28


  • Dust emission profiles of DustPedia galaxies (2019) Aleksandr Mosenkov (UGent), Maarten Baes (UGent), S Bianchi, V Casasola, LP Cassarà, CJR Clark, J Davies, Ilse De Looze (UGent), P De Vis, J Fritz, M Galametz, F Galliano, AP Jones, S Lianou, SC Madden, Angelos Nersesian (UGent), MWL Smith, Ana Trčka (UGent), Sam Verstocken (UGent), Sébastien Viaene (UGent), M Vika, E Xilouris
  • Old and young stellar populations in DustPedia galaxies and their role in dust heating (2019) Angelos Nersesian (UGent), EM Xilouris, S Bianchi, F Galliano, AP Jones, Maarten Baes (UGent), V Casasola, LP Cassara, CJR Clark, JI Davies, Marjorie Decleir (UGent), Wouter Dobbels (UGent), Ilse De Looze (UGent), P De Vis, J Fritz, M Galametz, SC Madden, A Mosenkov, Ana Trčka (UGent), Sam Verstocken (UGent), Sébastien Viaene (UGent), S Lianou
  • A systematic metallicity study of DustPedia galaxies reveals evolution in the dust-to-metal ratios (2019) P De Vis, A Jones, Sébastien Viaene (UGent), V Casasola, CJR Clark, Maarten Baes (UGent), S Bianchi, LP Cassara, JI Davies, Ilse De Looze (UGent), M Galametz, F Galliano, S Lianou, S Madden, A Manilla-Robles, Aleksandr Mosenkov (UGent), Angelos Nersesian (UGent), S Roychowdhury, EM Xilouris, N Ysard

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