Andrés Ritter Traub

scientific staff


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 71
9052 Zwijnaarde
Phone Secretariat
09 264 51 19


  • FRS7 and FRS12 recruit NINJA to regulate expression of glucosinolate biosynthesis genes (2020) Patricia Fernández-Calvo, Sabrina Iñigo (UGent), Gaétan Glauser, Robin Vanden Bossche (UGent), Michelle Tang, Baohua Li, Rebecca De Clercq (UGent), Astrid Nagels Durand (UGent), Dominique Eeckhout (UGent), Kris Gevaert (UGent), Geert De Jaeger (UGent), Siobhan M. Brady, Daniel J. Kliebenstein, Laurens Pauwels (UGent), Alain Goossens (UGent), Andrés Ritter Traub (UGent)
  • The transcriptional repressor complex FRS7-FRS12 regulates flowering time and growth in Arabidopsis (2017) Andrés Ritter Traub (UGent), Sabrina Iñigo (UGent), Patricia Fernandez Calvo (UGent), Ken Heyndrickx (UGent), Stijn Dhondt (UGent), Hua Shi, Liesbeth De Milde (UGent), Robin Vanden Bossche (UGent), Rebecca De Clercq (UGent), Dominique Eeckhout (UGent), Mily Ron, David E Somers, Dirk Inzé (UGent), Kris Gevaert (UGent), Geert De Jaeger (UGent), Klaas Vandepoele (UGent), Laurens Pauwels (UGent), Alain Goossens (UGent)
  • Glutaredoxin GRXS17 associates with the cytosolic iron-sulfur cluster assembly pathway (2016) Sabrina Iñigo (UGent), Astrid Nagels Durand (UGent), Andrés Ritter Traub (UGent), Sabine Le Gall (UGent), Martin Termathe, Roland Klassen, Takayuki Tohge, Barbara De Coninck, Jelle Van Leene (UGent), Rebecca De Clercq (UGent), Bruno PA Cammue, Alisdair R Fernie, Kris Gevaert (UGent), Geert De Jaeger (UGent), Sebastian A Leidel, Raffael Schaffrath, Maria Van Lijsebettens (UGent), Laurens Pauwels (UGent), Alain Goossens (UGent)

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