Brecht Guillemyn

assisting academic staff
doctoral student


  • Expanding the genotypic and phenotypic spectrum of the B3GAT3 linkeropathy (2019) Marlies Colman (UGent), Tim Van Damme (UGent), Elisabeth Steichen - Gersdorf, Franco Laccone, Sheela Nampoothiri, Delfien Syx (UGent), Brecht Guillemyn (UGent), Sofie Symoens (UGent), Fransiska Malfait (UGent)
  • Zebrafish type I collagen mutants faithfully recapitulate human type I collagenopathies (2018) Charlotte Gistelinck (UGent), Ronald Y Kwon, Fransiska Malfait (UGent), Sofie Symoens (UGent), Matthew P Harris, Katrin Henke, Michael B Hawkins, Shannon Fisher, Patrick Sips (UGent), Brecht Guillemyn (UGent), Jan Willem Bek (UGent), Petra Vermassen (UGent), Hanna De Saffel (UGent), Paul Witten (UGent), MaryAnn Weis, Anne De Paepe (UGent), David R Eyre, Andy Willaert (UGent), Paul Coucke (UGent)
  • Biallelic B3GALT6 mutations cause spondylodysplastic Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (2018) Tim Van Damme (UGent), Xiaomeng Pang, Brecht Guillemyn (UGent), Sandrine Gulberti, Delfien Syx (UGent), Riet De Rycke (UGent), Olivier Kaye, Christine E. M. de Die-Smulders, Rolph Pfundt, Ariana Kariminejad, Sheela Nampoothiri, Genevieve Pierquin, Saskia Bulk, Austin A. Larson, Kathryn C. Chatfield, Marleen Simon, Anne Legrand, Marion Gerard, Sofie Symoens (UGent), Sylvie Fournel-Gigleux, Fransiska Malfait (UGent)

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