Karin Weening

09 332 53 10
scientific staff


  • TARP AS IMMUNOTHERAPEUTIC TARGET IN AML EXPRESSED IN THE LSC COMPARTMENT (2019) Barbara Depreter (UGent), Karin Weening (UGent), Karl Vandepoele (UGent), M. Essand, Barbara De Moerloose (UGent), M. Themeli, J. Cloos, D. Hanekamp, I. Moors, I. Dʼhont, B. Denys, A. Uyttebroeck, A. Van Damme, L. Dedeken, SYLVIA SNAUWAERT (UGent), Glenn Goetgeluk (UGent), Stijn De Munter (UGent), Tessa Kerre (UGent), Bart Vandekerckhove (UGent), Tim Lammens (UGent), Jan Philippé (UGent)
  • Nanobody based dual specific CARs (2018) Stijn De Munter (UGent), Joline Ingels (UGent), Glenn Goetgeluk (UGent), Sarah Bonte (UGent), Melissa Pille (UGent), Karin Weening (UGent), Tessa Kerre (UGent), Hinrich Abken, Bart Vandekerckhove (UGent)
  • A novel neutralizing human monoclonal antibody broadly abrogates hepatitis C virus infection in vitro and in vivo (2017) Isabelle Desombere (UGent), Ahmed Atef Ahmed Abouzeid Mesalam (UGent), Richard A Urbanowicz, Freya Van Houtte (UGent), Lieven Verhoye (UGent), Zhen-Yong Keck, Aliasghar Farhoudi Moghadam (UGent), Koen Vercauteren (UGent), Karin Weening (UGent), Thomas F Baumert, Arvind H Patel, Steven KH Foung, Jonathan Ball, Geert Leroux-Roels (UGent), Philip Meuleman (UGent)

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