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Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biomedical molecular biology

Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 71
9052 Zwijnaarde
09 331 37 74
Phone Secretariat
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  • A20 critically controls microglia activation and inhibits inflammasome-dependent neuroinflammation (2018) Sofie Voet (UGent), Conor Mc Guire (UGent), Nora Hagemeyer, Arne Martens (UGent), Anna Schroeder, Peter Wieghofer, Carmen Daems, Ori Staszewski, Lieselotte Vande Walle (UGent), Marta Joana Costa Jordao, Mozes Sze (UGent), Hanna-Kaisa Vikkula (UGent), Delphine Demeestere (UGent), Griet Van Imschoot (UGent), Charlotte Scott (UGent), Esther Hoste (UGent), Amanda Gonçalves (UGent), Martin Guilliams (UGent), Saskia Lippens (UGent), Claude Libert (UGent), Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke (UGent), Ki-Wook Kim, Steffen Jung, Zsuzsanna Callaerts-Vegh, Patrick Callaerts, Joris de Wit, Mohamed Lamkanfi (UGent), Marco Prinz, Geert van Loo (UGent)
  • A20 deficiency in lung epithelial cells protects against influenza A virus infection (2016) Jonathan Maelfait (UGent), Kenny Roose (UGent), Lars Vereecke (UGent), Conor Mc Guire (UGent), Mozes Sze (UGent), Martijn Schuijs (UGent), Monique Willart (UGent), Lorena Ibanez (UGent), Hamida Hammad (UGent), Bart Lambrecht (UGent), Rudi Beyaert (UGent), Xavier Saelens (UGent), Geert van Loo (UGent)
  • A20 prevents chronic liver inflammation and cancer by protecting hepatocytes from death (2016) Leen Catrysse (UGent), Morvarid Farhang Ghahremani (UGent), Lars Vereecke (UGent), SA Youssef, Conor Mc Guire (UGent), Mozes Sze (UGent), A Weber, M Heikenwalder, A de Bruin, Rudi Beyaert (UGent), Geert van Loo (UGent)

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