Barbara De Clercq

09 264 64 18
tenured academic staff
Personality Psychology


  • Commentary on 'The challenge of transforming the diagnostic system for personality disorders' (2020) Christopher J.J. Hopwood, Robert F. Krueger, David Watson, Thomas A. Widiger, Robert R. Althoff, Emily B. Ansell, Bo Bach, R. Michael Bagby, Mark A. Blais, Marina A. Bornovalova, Michael Chmielewski, David C. Cicero, Christopher Conway, Barbara De Clercq (UGent), Filip De Fruyt (UGent), Anna R. Docherty, Nicholas R. Eaton, John F. Edens, Miriam K. Forbes, Kelsie T. Forbush, Michael P. Hengartner, Masha Y. Ivanova, Daniel Leising, Mark R. Lukowitsky, Donald R. Lynam, Kristian E. Markon, Joshua D. Miller, Leslie C. Morey, Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt, Johan Ormel, Christopher J. Patrick, Aaron L. Pincus, Camilo Ruggero, Douglas B. Samuel, Martin Sellbom, Jennifer L. Tackett, Katherine M. Thomas, Timothy J. Trull, David D. Vachon, Irwin D. Waldman, Monika A. Waszczuk, Mark H. Waugh, Aidan G.C. Wright, Mathew M. Yalch, David H. Zald, Johannes Zimmermann
  • Personality pathology in youth (2020) Carla Sharp, Barbara De Clercq (UGent)
  • A psychometric evaluation of a reduced version of the PID-5 in clinical and non-clinical adolescents (2020) Nagila Koster, Odilia Laceulle, Paul T. Van der Heijden, Theo Klimstra, Barbara De Clercq (UGent), Lize Verbeke (UGent), Elien De Caluw√©, Marcel A.G. Van Aken

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