Dieter Defever

administrative and technical staff VIB


  • RNF41 interacts with the VPS52 subunit of the GARP and EARP complexes (2017) Delphine Masschaele (UGent), Leentje De Ceuninck (UGent), Joris Wauman (UGent), Dieter Defever (UGent), Frank Stenner, Sam Lievens (UGent), Frank Peelman (UGent), Jan Tavernier (UGent)
  • Proteome-scale binary interactomics in human cells (2016) Sam Lievens (UGent), José Van Der Heyden (UGent), Delphine Masschaele (UGent), Leentje De Ceuninck (UGent), Ioanna Petta (UGent), Surya Gupta (UGent), Veronic De Puysseleyr (UGent), Virginie Vauthier (UGent), Irma Lemmens (UGent), Dries De Clercq (UGent), Dieter Defever (UGent), Nele Vanderroost (UGent), Ann-Sophie De Smet (UGent), Sven Eyckerman (UGent), Serge Van Calenbergh (UGent), Lennart Martens (UGent), Karolien De Bosscher (UGent), Claude Libert (UGent), Davod E Hill, Marc Vidal, Jan Tavernier (UGent)
  • An interactomics approach to unravel IRE1α function (2015) Sarah Gerlo (UGent), Sam Lievens (UGent), Elien Ruyssinck (UGent), Dieter Defever (UGent), Hannes Demaré (UGent), Jan Tavernier (UGent)

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