Béatrice Lintermans

09 332 10 45
administrative and technical staff


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Department of Biomolecular Medicine

C. Heymanslaan 10, ingang 38 - verdieping 1
9000 Gent
Work Place
eerste verdieping lokaal 007
09 332 10 45


  • Targeting cytokine- and therapy-induced PIM1 activation in preclinical models of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoma (2020) Renate De Smedt (UGent), Julie Morscio (UGent), Lindy Reunes (UGent), Juliette Roels (UGent), Valentina Bardelli, Béatrice Lintermans (UGent), Wouter Van Loocke (UGent), Afonso Almeida, Laurence C. Cheung, Rishi S. Kotecha, Marc R. Mansour, Anne Uyttebroeck, Peter Vandenberghe, Roberta La Starza, Cristina Mecucci, Tim Lammens (UGent), Nadine Van Roy (UGent), Barbara De Moerloose (UGent), Joao T. Barata, Tom Taghon (UGent), Steven Goossens (UGent), Pieter Van Vlierberghe (UGent)
  • The EMT modulator SNAI1 contributes to AML pathogenesis via its interaction with LSD1 (2020) Catherine L Carmichael, Jueqiong Wang, Thao Nguyen, Oluseyi Kolawole, Aissa Benyoucef, Charlotte De Mazière (UGent), Anna Milne, Sona Samuel, Kevin Robert Gillinder, Soroor Hediyeh-zadeh, Anh Ngoc Quynh Vo, Yizhou Huang, Kathy Knezevic, William R L McInnes, Benjamin J Shields, Helen Mitchell, Matthew E Ritchie, Tim Lammens (UGent), Béatrice Lintermans (UGent), Pieter Van Vlierberghe (UGent), Nicholas Wong, Katharina Haigh, Julie A I Thoms, Emma Toulmin, David J. Curtis, Ethan P Oxley, Ross A Dickins, Dominik Beck, Andrew C Perkins, Matthew P McCormack, Melissa J Davis, Geert Berx (UGent), Johannes Zuber, John E Pimanda, Benjamin T. Kile, Steven Goossens (UGent), Jody J Haigh
  • Genetic characterization and therapeutic targeting of MYC-rearranged T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (2019) Gloria Milani (UGent), Filip Matthijssens (UGent), Wouter Van Loocke (UGent), Kaat Durinck (UGent), Juliette Roels (UGent), Sofie Peirs (UGent), Morgan Thénoz (UGent), Tim Pieters (UGent), Lindy Reunes (UGent), Béatrice Lintermans (UGent), Niels Vandamme (UGent), Tim Lammens (UGent), Nadine Van Roy (UGent), Filip Van Nieuwerburgh (UGent), Dieter Deforce (UGent), Claire Schwab, Susana Raimondi, Luciano Dalla Pozza, Andrew J Carroll, Barbara De Moerloose (UGent), Yves Benoit (UGent), Steven Goossens (UGent), Geert Berx (UGent), Christine J Harrison, Giuseppe Basso, Hélène Cavé, Rosemary Sutton, Vahid Asnafi, Jules Meijerink, Charles Mullighan, Mignon Loh, Pieter Van Vlierberghe (UGent)

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