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  • Next-generation muscle-directed gene therapy by in silico vector design (2019) S Sarcar, W Tulalamba, MY Rincon, J Tipanee, HQ Pham, H Evens, D Boon, E Samara-Kuko, M Keyaerts, M Loperfido, E Berardi, S Jarmin, P In't Veld, G Dickson, T Lahoutte, M Sampaolesi, Pieter De Bleser (UGent), T VandenDriessche, MK Chuah
  • The transcription factor ZEB2 is required to maintain the tissue-specific identities of macrophages (2018) Charlotte Scott (UGent), Wouter T'Jonck (UGent), Liesbet Martens (UGent), Helena Todorov (UGent), Dorine Sichien (UGent), Bieke Soen (UGent), Johnny Bonnardel (UGent), Sofie De Prijck (UGent), Niels Vandamme (UGent), Robrecht Cannoodt (UGent), Wouter Saelens (UGent), Bavo Vanneste (UGent), Wendy Toussaint (UGent), Pieter De Bleser (UGent), Nozomi Takahashi (UGent), Peter Vandenabeele (UGent), Sandrine Henri, Clare Pridans, David A Hume, Bart Lambrecht (UGent), Patrick De Baetselier, Simon WF Milling, Jo A Van Ginderachter, Bernard Malissen, Geert Berx (UGent), Alain Beschin, Yvan Saeys (UGent), Martin Guilliams (UGent)
  • Mechanical strain determines the site-specific localization of inflammation and tissue damage in arthritis (2018) Isabelle Cambré (UGent), Djoere Gaublomme (UGent), Arne Burssens (UGent), Peggy Jacques (UGent), Nadia Schryvers (UGent), Amélie De Muynck (UGent), Leander Meuris (UGent), Stijn Lambrecht (UGent), Shea Carter, Pieter De Bleser (UGent), Yvan Saeys (UGent), Luc Van Hoorebeke (UGent), George Kollias, Matthias Mack, Paul Simoens (UGent), Rik Lories, Nico Callewaert (UGent), Georg Schett, Dirk Elewaut (UGent)

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