Frank Pasmans

09 264 74 36
09 264 74 31
tenured academic staff
Research Disciplines
Veterinary conservation medicine, preventive medicine and hygiene
Veterinary virology, bacteriology, mycology and parasitology
Veterinary public health
Bacterial and Myotic Diseases and Zoonoses
Complementary Course in Diseases of Birds and Exotic Animals


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Pathology, bacteriology and poultry diseases

Salisburylaan 133, D5 ingang 78
9820 Merelbeke
09 264 74 36
09 264 74 31
Phone Secretariat
09 264 74 31


  • Evidence for a primate origin of zoonotic Helicobacter suis colonizing domesticated pigs (2018) Bram Flahou (UGent), Mirko Rossi, Jaco Bakker, Jan AM Langermans, Edwin Heuvelman, Jay V Solnick, Miriam E Martin, Jani O’Rourke, Le Duc Ngoan, Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Masahiko Nakamura, Anders Øverby, Hidenori Matsui, Hiroyoshi Ota, Takehisa Matsumoto, Dennis L Foss, Laurice A Kopta, Oladipo Omotosho, Maria Pia Franciosini, Patrizia Casagrande Proietti, Aizhen Guo, Han Liu, Gabriela Borilova, Ana Paula Bracarense, Sara K Lindén, Sofie De Bruyckere (UGent), Guangzhi Zhang, Chloë De Witte (UGent), Annemieke Smet, Frank Pasmans (UGent), Richard Ducatelle (UGent), Jukka Corander, Freddy Haesebrouck (UGent)
  • Fungal infections in animals : a patchwork of different situations (2018) Seyedmojtaba Seyedmousavi, Sandra de MG Bosco, Sybren de Hoog, Frank Ebel, Daniel Elad, Renata R Gomes, Ilse D Jacobsen, An Martel (UGent), Bernard Mignon, Frank Pasmans (UGent), Elena Pieckova, Anderson Messias Rodrigues, Karuna Singh, Vania A Vicente, Gudrun Wibbelt, Nathan P Wiederhold, Jacques Guillot
  • Skin mucosome activity as an indicator of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans susceptibility in salamanders (2018) Hannah Keely Smith (UGent), Frank Pasmans (UGent), Maarten Dhaenens (UGent), Dieter Deforce (UGent), Dries Bonte (UGent), Kris Verheyen (UGent), Luc Lens (UGent), An Martel (UGent)

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