Guy De Smet

09 264 85 27
0476 61 53 59
administrative and technical staff


Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biology

Krijgslaan 281, S8
9000 Gent
Work Place
S8, gelijkvloerse verdieping lokaal 009
09 264 85 27
0476 61 53 59
Phone Secretariat
09 264 50 56


  • Large-scale diversity and biogeography of benthic copepods in European waters (2010) Gritta Veit-Köhler, Marleen De Troch (UGent), Mateja Grego, Tânia Campinas Bezerra (UGent), Wendy Bonne, Guy De Smet (UGent), Christina Folkers, Kai Horst George, Chen Guotong, Rudy Herman, Rony Huys, Nikolaos Lampadariou, Jürgen Laudien, Pedro Martínez Arbizu, Armin Rose, Michaela Schratzberger, Sybille Seifried, Paul Somerfield, Jan Vanaverbeke (UGent), Edward Vanden Berghe, Magda Vincx (UGent), Borut Vriser, Leen Vandepitte

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