Chen Yang

doctoral student


  • Reducing waste in nutritional epidemiology : review and perspectives (2019) Dana Hawwash (UGent), Chen Yang (UGent), Carl Lachat (UGent)
  • Perspective: Essential study quality descriptors for data from nutritional epidemiologic research (2017) Chen Yang (UGent), Mariona Pinart, Patrick Kolsteren (UGent), John Van Camp (UGent), Nathalie De Cock (UGent), Katharina Nimptsch, Tobias Pischon, Eamon Laird, Giuditta Perozzi, Raffaella Canali, Axelle Hoge, Marta Stelmach-Mardas, Lars Ove Dragsted, Stéphanie Maria Palombi, Irina Dobre, Jildau Bouwman, Peter Clarys, Fabio Minervini, Maria De Angelis, Marco Gobbetti, Jean Tafforeau, Oscar Coltell, Dolores Corella, Hendrik De Ruyck, Janette Walton, Laura Kehoe, Christophe Matthys, Bernard De Baets (UGent), Guy De Tré (UGent), Antoon Bronselaer (UGent), Angela Rivellese, Rosalba Giacco, Rosario Lombardo, Sofian De Clercq (UGent), Niels Hulstaert (UGent), Carl Lachat (UGent)

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