Peter Rubbens

doctoral student
Research Disciplines
Computational biology
Data mining


  • Learning singleā€cell distances from cytometry data (2019) Bac Nguyen Cong (UGent), Peter Rubbens (UGent), Frederiek-Maarten Kerckhof (UGent), Nico Boon (UGent), Bernard De Baets (UGent), Willem Waegeman (UGent)
  • Cyt-Geist : current and future challenges in cytometry : reports of the CYTO 2018 conference workshops (2019) Kamila Czechowska, Joanne Lannigan, Lili Wang, Judith Arcidiacono, Thomas M Ashhurst, Ruth M Barnard, Steven Bauer, Claudia Bispo, Diana L Bonilla, Ryan R Brinkman, Maciej Cabanski, Hyun-Dong Chang, Lina Chakrabarti, Grace Chojnowski, Bunny Cotleur, Heba Degheidy, Gelo V Dela Cruz, Steven Eck, John Elliott, Rachel Errington, Andy Filby, Dominic Gagnon, Rui Gardner, Cherie Green, Michael Gregory, Christopher J Groves, Christopher Hall, Frederik Hammes, Michael Hedrick, Robert Hoffman, Jaroslav Icha, Johanna Ivaska, Dominic C Jenner, Derek Jones, Frederiek-Maarten Kerckhof (UGent), Christian Kukat, David Lanham, Silas Leavesley, Michael Lee, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Virginia Litwin, Yanli Liu, Jenny Molloy, Jonni S Moore, Susann Mueller, Jakub Nedbal, Raluca Niesner, Nao Nitta, Betsy Ohlsson-Wilhelm, Nicole E Paul, Stephen Perfetto, Ziv Portat, Ruben Props (UGent), Stefan Radtke, Radhika Rayanki, Aja Rieger, Samson Rogers, Peter Rubbens (UGent), Robert Salomon, Matthias Schiemann, John Sharpe, Soren Ulrik Sonder, Jennifer J Stewart, Yongliang Sun, Henning Ulrich, Gert Van Isterdael (UGent), Alessandra Vitaliti, Caryn van Vreden, Michael Weber, Jacob Zimmermann, Giacomo Vacca, Paul Wallace, Attila Tarnok
  • Randomized lasso links microbial taxa with aquatic functional groups inferred from flow cytometry (2019) Peter Rubbens (UGent), Marian L Schmidt, Ruben Props (UGent), Bopaiah A Biddanda, Nico Boon (UGent), Willem Waegeman (UGent), Vincent J Denef

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